aV 170

AV 170.

the high end loudspeaker.

Every intricate technical detail has been meticulously attended to, leaving no room for oversight, no matter how minuscule they might appear.


Monolithic aluminum sealed box design, boasting dimensions of 170 cm in height, 37 cm in width, and 45 cm in depth.

Deliberately housed in a separate enclosure, the crossover circuit remains impervious to detrimental resonances.

The construction of the baffle reaches the pinnacle of rigidity, eradicating any potential for interference between drivers and enhancing sonic purity.

The baffle’s thoughtfully rounded edges play a pivotal role in diffraction elimination, culminating in a precisely defined soundstage.

Exclusive internal bracing system, replete with innate resonance damping, eradicates undesirable resonances that would arise within the speaker enclosure.

premium components

Our crossover circuit is meticulously crafted using components exclusively sourced from Mundorf, a renowned leader in supplying high-quality crossover parts.

The AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter, a pinnacle of audio excellence, also hails from Mundorf, ensuring exceptional performance.

For the lower frequency spectrum, we integrate Accuton ceramic bass-midrange drivers, finely tuned to deliver impactful sound.

The integrity of the signal path within the loudspeaker and the self-standing crossover is of paramount importance. To uphold this, we rely on AudioQuest’s premium cables. These cables are an indispensable element that ensures the flawless transmission of the audio signal.